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Examination and Following

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Syllabus and fee structure

Check syllabus and fee structure for CA-IPCC (Old Course), CA-Final (Old Course), CA-Inter (New Course), CA-New Course) and CA-Foundation for May 2019 attempt. And CS-Executive, CS-Professional and CS-Foundation for June 2019 attempt.

  • Detailed Tests Series
  • Full Syllabus Test Series
  • Unscheduled Test Series
  • Fast Track Test Series



  • A set of Detailed Tests Series 6 tests will be taken from which 5 tests will be chapter wise and Final test will be of full syllabus.
  • Papers will as per the new MCQ pattern.
  • Exam papers will be examine by the experts, and provide results in 1-2 days to the students.
  • Faculty contact will be provided through which a student can communicate with teacher and know the mistakes which he/she has done in the tests and try to improve.
  • Important notes, practice questions and MCQ questions will be given which helps the students to cover the entire syllabus easily.
  • Papers will be updated on the website as per as scheduled dated and all the exam dates are valid till 30 April (for may attempt) and 31 Oct (for Nov attempt).